The Revolutionary United Front (RUF) is a revolutionary organization in the U.S. organizing in the Greater Boston, New York, and San Francisco areas. We work to support and advance various people’s struggles ranging from anti-war, immigrant, and proletarian internationalist solidarity.

We publish Red Star, a revolutionary magazine covering history and theory from political struggles past and present. Red Star also provides revolutionary analysis of current events around the world, as part of a larger effort to clarify what’s really going on and cut through the lies and deceit spread by the capitalist pigs who run this country.

The people of this country and of the world have the power to make history, to move mountains, to topple corrupt governments, and to change the world. Red Star is one part of the overall efforts of the Revolutionary United Front to advance People’s struggles at home and abroad.

We can be reached at revolutionaryunitedfront@riseup.net, and we have facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts.