Homeless communities are in an incredibly vulnerable position during the Coronavirus pandemic. They are not only at risk from the spread of the virus itself but also from the responses of the government, both local and national. Homeless communities are highly social environments.
Last week, stock markets had some of their worst days since the Great Depression as volatility spiked. In response to this, governments around the world took swift and decisive action to aid big corporations and bailout banks. The Federal Reserve rolled out a series of new policies which will provide U.
On Wednesday night, U.S. President Donald Trump took to the media and gave an address wherein he lied to the country and its people about the COVID19 outbreak for nine and a half minutes, misrepresenting basic facts about the virus and its severity, downplaying its danger to the people (especially working people), massively overstating the U.
As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe and begins to overwhelm healthcare systems worldwide, there is a growing recognition that this virus will have a huge impact on the global economy. Basic social distancing, like cutting down on travel and vacations, and avoiding large groups of people (such as at concerts and sports games) are already having a significant impact on the world economy.
Recently the Chinese state has helped promote the idea that the Coronavirus originated in the US, rather than in China, in Chinese media and social media. Mistranslations of CNN news reports have been cited as proof of the theory, such as a news segment that read “CDC confirms Coronavirus case of unknown origin in US.
The Coronavirus epidemic which is rapidly spreading in the US is going to put a massive strain on the healthcare system. Estimates on the percentage of cases which will require hospitalization vary a lot, but in South Korea, Italy, and China the demand for hospital beds has completely overwhelmed the available supply.
Why We Are Covering the Coronavirus
Mon, 09 Mar 2020 10:56:07 EST
We have decided to start providing up-to-date coverage of key developments with the Coronavirus outbreak here in the U.S. and around the world. We believe this is crucial because by all indications the outbreak will be a huge disaster here in America.