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The Coronavirus epidemic which is rapidly spreading in the US is going to put a massive strain on the healthcare system. Estimates on the percentage of cases which will require hospitalization vary a lot, but in South Korea, Italy, and China the demand for hospital beds has completely overwhelmed the available supply.
Students at Boston University were outraged after a far-right student group invited Ben Shapiro—a racist and homophobic propagandist—to speak on campus. RUF helped to lead student organizing on campus against Shapiro. We worked to expose the reactionary nature of the university itself and unite many students in the struggle.
Earlier this year MIT saw its largest protest since the movement against the university’s ties to apartheid South Africa. Recent outrage has focused on MIT’s ties to Saudi Arabia and their new College of Computing which promises to be a crucial cog in the U.
Anti-Imperialist demonstrations have been growing at major universities in the Boston Area. Students are increasingly disillusioned with their universities’ ties to war profiteers, the U.S. military, and various despots around the world. As the U.S. and other imperialist powers race headlong toward World War III, there is an urgent need to revive the anti-war movement in this country.