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RUF has spent around two years organizing in West Oakland homeless encampments.This work has helped to develop militant resistance to local police and real estate developers attempts to harass and displace homeless people. Through our efforts outside activists and groups have begun to get involved in the struggle at the West Oakland encampment.
As city governments in the Bay Area work hand-in-glove with wealthy capitalist “developers” to gentrify the area and evict the homeless, RUF has been organizing resistance in the encampments. Residents in several West Oakland encampments are once again facing displacement after defeating prior eviction attempts.
Dayton, an RUF Member was recently arrested at a protest against gentrification in San Fransisco. His arrest was a clear instance of racial profiling in which the police apprehended him and one other activist on the word of a drunk counter-demonstrator.
Over the past year, RUF has been organzing among the homeless and semi-homeless in the Bay Area. The rents in San Fransisco are the highest of any city in the country, and Oakland and Berkeley are not much cheaper. Tens of thousands of working people have been driven from their homes and onto the street.
This article documents one RUF comrade’s visit to the Bay Area, and his involvement in the struggle there against gentrification and displacement at a homeless encampment there. Other comrades have been organizing among the homeless and working-class population in the area for months.
Gentrification is a major issue affecting many cities across the country. It is particularly acute in formerly industrial cities that are working to kick out poor people and transform the urban area into a playground for the rich. In the place of factories and warehouses come offices, tech companies, shopping centers, and startups.