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U.S. coronavirus cases have surpassed 200,000 and the official federal Coronavirus Task Force is already estimating 100,000-240,000 deaths. But even in the face of an increasingly severe pandemic at home, the U.S. is continuing to saber-rattle and escalate tensions abroad with Iran.
As the U.S. imperialists have been ramping up their pressure on Iran and preparing for a war, RUF has been mobilizing the people and building up popular opposition to a war with Iran. We have organized a series of protests and educational events as part of a larger effort to revitalize the anti-war movement in this country.
Recent months have seen a dramatic escalation of the U.S.-Iran Conflict with a whole series of military standoffs and seizures of oil tankers. In light of this it is important to learn about the history of Iran as well as its present expansionist efforts across the region.