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On Monday, on the heels of coordinated police action against worker solidarity rallies in NYC, Mayor De Blasio announced a ban on all public protests in New York . A day after May Day rallies, the police broke up a protest against Samaritan’s Purse for its anti-gay anti-Muslim stands.
Multiple demonstrations were held in New York City’s outer boroughs, starting in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx in commemoration of May Day—international workers’ day. Several of the protests converged on Governor Cuomo’s Manhattan office. However, police attempted to block the demonstrations, causing protests to break up at times, and forcing organizers to take alternate routes.
In the final weeks of March, as New York City became the epicenter of the global Coronavirus pandemic, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo emerged as a key figure in the national “war” against the Coronavirus. He has called for vigilant state preparation based on “science and data”, including mandatory state-wide shutdowns and social distancing to flatten the curve of transmission; federal aid to increase the number of hospital beds and ventilators, and a 90-day moratorium on evictions during a period in which unemployment applications in NY State surged 500%.
Through the tireless efforts of numerous comrades around the country an RUF chapter has been formed in New York City. This represents a big advance for RUF as an organization and the revolutionary movement in this country as a whole. We now have chapters in three major cities across the country and can coordinate our organizing efforts accordingly.