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Recently the Chinese state has helped promote the idea that the Coronavirus originated in the US, rather than in China, in Chinese media and social media. Mistranslations of CNN news reports have been cited as proof of the theory, such as a news segment that read “CDC confirms Coronavirus case of unknown origin in US.
In Hong Kong millions of people have taken to the street to protest the imposition of mainland China’s rule of Hong Kong. The protests have been ongoing for months. The Chinese government is looking to crackdown on the movement, and this raises major questions about the relation between the struggles in Hong Kong and mainland China.
This past April, Sri Lanka was rocked by a deadly terrorist attack that killed over 300 people. The Sri Lankan government has since used this as a pretext for cracking down on dissent. In order to understand this situation, we look at the history of Sri Lanka: British colonial rule, the modern neocolonial administration, and the imperialists who jockey to control it—as well as the revolutionary struggles to drive these oppressors out.
Since the imperialist-engineered breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992, and the subsequent NATO bombing of the region, the people of Serbia and the other Balkans countries have suffered immensely. Now Serbia is a key site of inter-imperialist competition. As the so-called “great powers” struggle for world supremacy, the people of Serbia are caught in the middle and trying to find a way forward free from oppression and exploitation.
The conflict in Venezuela has dominated international headlines for months. The U.S. recently recognized Juan Guaidó as president, while China and Russia support the Maduro government. As Guaidó and his international supporters rachet up the pressure for a coup, both China and Russia have sent troops and military hardware to Venezuela.
Recent trade disputes and standoffs in the South China Sea have put the spotlight on U.S.-China relations. As tensions continue to mount between these rival empires, people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of a possible third world war. Both of these countries are drastically expanding military spending, as are other imperialist powers around the world.
A police officer guards a concentration camp in Myanmar full of Rohingya. Over a million Rohingya have been displaced from their land by the military and police in Myanmar. The ongoing genocide of the Rohingya People in Rakhine State, Myanmar recently received newfound international recognition after the United Nations (U.