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U.S. coronavirus cases have surpassed 200,000 and the official federal Coronavirus Task Force is already estimating 100,000-240,000 deaths. But even in the face of an increasingly severe pandemic at home, the U.S. is continuing to saber-rattle and escalate tensions abroad with Iran.
Recent months have seen a dramatic escalation of the U.S.-Iran Conflict with a whole series of military standoffs and seizures of oil tankers. In light of this it is important to learn about the history of Iran as well as its present expansionist efforts across the region.
Over the past year, the people of Haiti have taken to the streets time and time again to protest corruption and imperialist domination of their country. They have deposed a prime minister and now are on the verge of ousting their corrupt president as well.
The conflict in Venezuela has dominated international headlines for months. The U.S. recently recognized Juan Guaidó as president, while China and Russia support the Maduro government. As Guaidó and his international supporters rachet up the pressure for a coup, both China and Russia have sent troops and military hardware to Venezuela.
There has been mass outrage and protest against the Trump administration’s increasingly fascist border and immigration policies. However, these policies are by-and-large a continuation of and expansion of those of the Obama administration. What’s more, while Democratic politicans now oppose a bigger border wall, they are still increasing the drone presence at the border.
After the recent death of John McCain, the U.S. ruling class and its ideologues have been tripping over themselves to confer honors on McCain and laud his accomplishments. In particular, he has been portrayed as a progressive figure playing a key role in the “resistance” to Trump.